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The Book of Sarah, Poems by Amy Benson Brown

The Book of Sarah by Amy Benson Brown is a compelling narrative of the life of the nineteenth-century abolitionist and feminist Sarah Grimke. Touching on several important historical currents—racism and slavery, feminism and second-class citizenship—the book imaginatively, and vividly, brings the reader to a precise historical moment.

Sample Poems by Amy Benson Brown

“The Grimke family is a most worthy poetic subject and Brown renders the characters with tenderness and clarity.” —Natasha Trethewey

“From the heroic life of Sarah Grimke, southern-born abolitionist and suffagette, and that of her sister Angelina, Amy Benson Brown has fashioned a book of poems that is breathtaking to read. With its Biblical resonance and its keen insight into the multiple dimensions of this woman's life, her love of family white and black, her stubborn faith in ‘a generation come / to right this wrecked Eden,’ this is a book to treasure not only for its history but for its meaning now, in time present.”—Alicia Ostriker

“What a brave and beautiful book. Amy Benson Brown’s powerful collection of poems The Book of Sarah documents the horrors of slavery and engages with our histories in ways that have so much to teach us. ‘History is /memory spinning / on a potter’s wheel,’ Brown observes. The wheel will not stop spinning. Memory, these poems show us, is dangerous and ever-changing. And it must be listened to. This debut collection reveals the American past in a new light.”—Nicole Cooley

Amy Benson Brown is a writer and developmental editor who lives in Atlanta. Her first book, Rewriting the Word: American Women Writers and the Bible, came out in 1998, and she had published numerous articles, essays, and poems in journals and other forums. After teaching writing and poetry to college students for a decade, she began to focus on faculty development and helped to found the Author Development Program at Emory University. This is her first book of poems. She can be reached by email at amybensonbrown@gmail.com..

ISBN 978-1936370344, 92 pages, $18.00

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