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Nightfall, Full of Light, Poems by Jeff Bernstein

cover Nightfall, Full of Light by Jeff Bernstein places dappled flashes of vision against the darkness of the universe, small glimmers that hint at the grandeur of the whole.

Sample Poems by Jeff Bernstein

"Nightfall, Full of Light celebrates three generations in candid poems that are rich in sensual detail and tempered by the haunting sorrow of loss:

Is life like that as we age? As night
nears, don't search for shadows -
just feel the solids become liquids,
water turns to gas, all softly glow.

From instructions for eating crabs to meditations on fatherhood, the stories within these poems bring to light moments that will evoke a reader's own, formative experiences. I love the forthright, conversational language that gives this work such power!" -Geof Hewitt, Vermont Poetry Slam Champ and author of The Perfect Heart, New & Selected Poems (Mayapple Press, 2010)

"Jeff Bernstein's poems are free and alive; they are uniquely their own, but they belong to everyone; they both trouble and comfort; they are foreign yet familiar; they are ordinary and sublime; they embody and celebrate the corporeal authority all of us hold when we remember what it truly means to be alive. Nightfall, Full of Light is not a book you'll soon forget." -Juliet Patterson, author of Threnody and The Truant Lover

A lifelong New Englander, Jeff Bernstein divides his time between Boston and Central Vermont. He would most have liked to have been, like Thoreau, "an inspector of snow-storms and rain-storms… [a] surveyor, if not of highways, then of forest paths and all across-lot routes" but a three decades plus practice as an environmental and renewable energy lawyer is not half bad. These days he finds both poetry and lawyering come in handy to respond to troubling times. He is the author of two chapbooks: Interior Music (FootHills Publishing 2010) and Nowhere Near Morning (Liquid Light Press 2013).

ISBN: 978-1625492586, 110 pages, $19.00

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