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Anonymous Fox, Poems by Naomi Feigelson Chase

The poems of Naomi Feigelson Chase’s Anonymous Fox are highly visual, tactile and lyrical. Her best, like these brief lines, convey an attitude and mood with a single, powerful image.

Lighter than lymph,
I cool,
At absolute zero.

Sample Poems by Naomi Feigelson Chase

“I read Naomi Chase's poems. I listen to her readings. Always her words pierce me and cause me to see and hear….Like her Gittel, the Would-Be Messiah, I roll onto my back to see how a voice looks.” —Jimmy Breslin

“I love Anonymous Fox. I read with complete wonder and admiration how it takes us from the personal to the universal. Chase looks back with wit, wisdom, and a sense of theatre as a woman moves from her personal preoccupations—marriage, her children’s and  grandchildren’s lives—to the puzzling images of aging. It’s brilliant.”—Miriam Goodman

“Naomi Feigelson Chase’s chapbook-poem, ‘The Judge’s Daughter,’ is a series of fascinating scenes, glimpses into a childhood. It reveals the tensions and visions of a family, and of a self emerging within. …These flashlit out-takes illuminate the synoptic process we call memory.”—Bill Knott

Naomi Feigelson Chase won the 2003 Flume Press Poetry Chapbook Award for One Blue Thread. She has published other poetry books, including Gittel, the Would-Be Messiah (Turning Point); Listening for Water (Archival Press); and Waiting for the Messiah in Somerville, Mass.(Garden Street Press); and two other poetry chapbooks, The Judge’s Daughter, and Stacked (illust., Jon Agee). Her nonfiction books include A Child Is Being Beaten: Child Abuse in America (Holt, Rinehart & Winston), and The Underground Revolution, Hippies, Yippies and Others(Funk and Wagnalls). Her fiction has been published in many magazines, and anthologized by Milkweed Editions and New Rivers Press.

ISBN 9781934999714, 84 pages, $18.00

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