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The Great Sonnet Plot of Anton Tick, Poems by L. Andrew Cooper

The Great Sonnet Plot of Anton Tick presents one hundred sonnets in varying styles in which the speaker sits stranded on his sofa, a victim of both television doldrums and Irv, an alien anxiety-monster. Cara Carani, a flying superhero, would help him and others fight their Irvs, but Anton Tick, a scheming villain, captures the speaker and perpetrates a series of Irv-ous horrors that would spread throughout American culture. Combining introspection with narrative, the sonnets reflect on contemporary and classical media as Cara and Anton do battle for both the speaker's future and the future of the world, futures in jeopardy while Anton's Plot brings millions under his power.

Sample Poems by L. Andrew Cooper

"In this ambitious exploration of popular culture rooted in a scathing commentary about modern media, Cooper uses an unexpected literary approach to create his horror tale, explaining early on that 'You may call sonnets too plain for horror, / Too staid, old-fashioned, not dripping with gore,' but the form propels readers from scene to scene with unyielding momentum. 'The art of getting lost takes refined thought,' we learn, but refinement is mere illusion-an often-used disguise-for all kinds of horror." -Karen J. Head

ISBN-13: 978-1625492982, 112 pages, $19

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