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The White Tree Quartet, Poems by Mary Pacifico Curtis

cover The four poem cycles of Mary Pacifico Curtis' collection strive movingly through rich emotional landscapes.

Sample Poems by Mary Pacifico Curtis

"From the moment 'the blue door opens' and we meet Gitta in the first poem, we know we are going on a journey. While each poem stands its own ground, Mary Pacifico Curtis weaves a narrative that suggests 'there are hidden people...' 'The ones who know only the jungle and its ways.' Then she leads us to them-Leandro; 'the nothing guide'; the smallest princess-and the dogs. We look at love and connection and what is often the paltry thinness of their beginnings. When we view the family photos at an impending wedding, 'a small stack in a worn baggy,' we become aware of the inner and outer refugee. We are grateful for an earth that contains an Amazon River and a white tree that will take up our suffering and bless us. A cohesive collection from a fine poet."-Parthenia M. Hicks, Poet Laureate Emerita, Los Gatos, CA

"Bold as it is delicate, beautiful as it is violent, The White Tree Quartet is Mary Curtis's homage to the everyday and the exotic. She shows us the distances we must often travel during the simplest of interactions, and how if we choose to look, we can find jungles in our own back yards."-Jon Michael Varese, author, The Spirit Photographer

ISBN: 978-1625492623, 66 pages, $17.00

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