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Skinwalking, Poems by Cole DeLaune

Plumbing the shadows of an accelerating Native American spiritual diaspora, this alternative history maps the sinuous intersection of race, passion, and geography. Invoking both the austere majesty of the Great Plains and the annals of urban glamour, Cole DeLaune's debut juxtaposes the metaphysical dislocation that belies unorthodox romance with an examination of Indian America's continuing erosion. Skinwalking is a classic tale of cultural collisions and erotic desperation.

Sample Poems by Cole DeLaune

“Fierce and unusual.”—Deborah Garrison

“Amazing.”—Stephanie LaCava

“A collection of profoundly haunting, romantic, and honest poetry . . . Mythological . . . Lucid and powerful language that resonates in the mind and shakes the skin we walk in.”—Greta Bellamacina, Harper's Bazaar UK

“Striking imagery and energy.” —Gus Palmer, Jr.

“Beautiful, creepy, and sexy.” —Aza Erdrich Dorris

ISBN 978-1625491008, 86 pages, $18.00

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