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Whirligig, Poems by Pamela Harrison

Divided among the four elements-Earth, Air, Fire, and Water-Pamela Harrison's new collection, Whirligig, is a maelstrom of lyrics and narratives that takes the reader on a thrilling roller-coaster ride through life's varied settings and seasons.

Sample Poems by Pamela Harrison

"This is one of those books of poetry-and there aren't many-where the reader feels the whole of a life presenting itself: experience sieved through the exigencies of language and yet explosive at the same time, hurtling toward the ineffable. Organized around the four elements, Whirligig is, at once, anchored in primal physicality yet taut with remarkable emotional discrimination. The brio of the poems, their reveling in the powers of sound, takes the reader directly, yet elegantly, to the spoken sources of There is great acuity here with great feeling-the best combination."
-Baron Wormser
 poetry. The inclusiveness of this book, its sheer range-geographical, historical, personal-hearkens to Whitman and a sense for the vastness of life as registered by the many vivifying particulars.

"Pamela Harrison is a poet who wants to be speculative and metaphysical, but praise the Lord she's grounded: she sees and hears the natural world and her people, in lines whose rhythms are pretty much perfect. If Gerard Manley Hopkins had been a big-hearted woman brewed in 20th century Oklahoma and distilled in Vermont's green hills, he'd likely have sounded like Pamela Harrison."
-Suzanne Rhodenbaugh

ISBN 978-1625493804, 116 pages, $19.00

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