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Marked Men, Poems by Joseph Hutchison

The narrative poems of Joseph Hutchison's Marked Men are epic in their sweep, evoking the forging of American history against the backdrop of the American West.

Sample Poems by Joseph Hutchison

"Marked Men is a book where truth finally catches up with history. Deeply researched, with language unmatched by any I've seen, this is a work honest in its depth, alive with past and present worlds, with old ghosts, and powerful layers of our landscape. Even if you think you know the history of Sand Creek, this book will grab you up and carry you off by the scruff of the neck. Read it, and remember the stories in this land, still walking on our streets, and still alive."-Linda Hogan

"Since the earliest times the poet has been our first historian, telling the stories that make us who were are. In Marked Men Joseph Hutchison reminds us just how dark, how bloody the history of the 'New World' has been. But the longest of his three powerful poems is not just a story about the deep vein of hatred and prejudice leading to the Sand Creek Massacre of 1864. It is also a portrait of decent resistance in the person of Silas Soule and his friend Ned Wynkoop. This book deepens and complicates our national story. It is written in blood and the fire of indignation."-David Mason

Joseph Hutchison is the author of more than a dozen collections of poems, including Thread of the Real, The Rain At Midnight, Bed of Coals (winner of the Colorado Poetry Award), House of Mirrors, and the Colorado Governor's Award volume, Shadow-Light.

ISBN: 978-1625490346, 88 pages, $18.00

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