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The Lady Victory, Poems by Jane Vincent Taylor

The parade of souls in Jane Vincent Taylor's The Lady Victory speak and sing of joy, of grief, and of life, making a vivid and colorful chorus.

Sample Poems by Jane Vincent Taylor

"Each of these finely crafted poems holds a surprise, a secret, or a heartbreaking sorrow-sometimes all three at once. The voice of Sister B., in particular, stays with me; her passion, her clarity, her inventive naming, and her steady love make Lady Victory a compelling story as well as a shapely collection of poems." - Colleen Anderson

"In these poems, Taylor weaves an innovative narrative of lyric and letter poems. One narrator, a young pregnant girl staying in the Our Lady of Victory home tells stories of the girls. Like a votive light her language shines through the loneliness and loss. A second narrator, Sister B., a nun working at the home, writes imaginative letters to a one of the infants placed into adoption. The letters rename a world of silences and secrets. The Lady Victory offers a merciful vision and reminds us of how language and storytelling redeem us."- Abigail Keegan

Jane Vincent Taylor is the author of a chapbook, What Can Be Saved (Finishing Line, 2009). She teaches writing at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Her website is http://janevincenttaylor.blogspot.com.

ISBN 978-1936370689, 80 pages, $18.00

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