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Love Reports to Spring Training, Poems by Linda Kittell

Love Reports to Spring Training is a book about a baseball pitcher, and also passion for baseball: love of the game. In all respects, these poems embody this love story.

Sample Poems by Linda Kittell

"Love may be on the mound, but Huck, Dean Moriarty and Tom Joad are behind him in the field. Kittel's words shine like new nickels. Her language is tough as saw teeth, pure and limitless as a high-plains summer sky. This is American English, wild and actual."-Bryan Di Salvatore

"I found this to be a superb collection, rich with the language, sounds, and feel of the game. The poems helped me rediscover my own journey through OB, and why I loved playing baseball so much. How beautifully these poems describe the arc of a career ('... But everything/passes by too quick') in 'Love Works on the Change.' In 'Love, Life, and Ballpark Lights,' I felt like I was sitting in the dugout with Love; the game over, 'the grounds crew all done with raking, the mound/covered and the sprinklers on, /their ssprit ssprit, ssprit spritpritpritpritprit/regular as a heartbeat...' That's great stuff!"-John Curtis

Linda Kittell was born in Troy, New York in 1952 and spent her summers on Isle La Motte, Vermont until she graduated from the University of Vermont in 1974. In 1976, she received her M.F.A. in creative writing from the University of Montana. She has worked as a poet-in-the-schools, a sports editor for a small weekly newspaper, a cook and aide at a nursing home for mental patients, and a grant writer. For the past 27 years, Kittell has taught creative writing, research writing about sport, and Greek, Roman, Nez Perce and Blackfeet mythologies at Washington State University. Her first poetry collection, The Helga Pictures, was published in 2008 by Pecan Grove Press. She lives in Troy, Idaho with her husband, Ron Goble.

ISBN 978-1625490162, 80 pages, $18.00

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