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Sample Poems by Penelope Schott

My Two Primers

In the Dame School we have just one,
the Holy Scriptures, but here at home,
I have two books to read: Scripture
and Papa's Trial.
He likes to help me
point by point as I sound out his words.

We see the bishops are very naughty
but Papa is very wise. Sometimes
when he tricks the Bishop, we laugh,
sometimes out loud, or in our hearts.

I like how Papa can be funny, also
I like how he is always right. Christ
likes us smart as well as good.
I do try to be good. I'm mostly good
at being smart.

Boy, Girl, Boy

Year after year, they arrive.

Between bearing my own
and midwifing for neighbors,

so little room.

Always at night, a knock.

Something inside me
ready to break.

Awake at Midnight

The moon on the roof
of the wellhouse

like an angel's wing.

Is it Papist
to think so? No,

for God made the earth
and all its charms,

this unborn child
dancing in my womb

and our big bedstead
so warm.

Seeking a Teacher

Bread in my mouth.
Faith is a treasure

but my soul craves
wisdom too.

I am chasing
the pearls of the rain.