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Pencil Light, Poems by Jane Vincent Taylor

A fleeting shaft of light, and the permanence a pencil captures: these are what build the striking poems of Jane Vincent Taylor's Pencil Light.

Sample Poems by Jane Vincent Taylor

“A fat first grade pencil is what I use to draw, holding it in my non-dominant hand and tricking my mind into making detours. An inner voice calls me off the planned trajectory. When I read Pencil Light I was excited to see it was all about detours and what dwells in the detours.”– Cindy Zimmerman, artist, teacher, co-director San Diego Fern Street Circus

“Coffee break not enough? Dip your cup in Pencil Light. Treat yourself to a scented eraser. Find your favorite pencil, sharpen, breathe, get ready to respond.” –Sarah Atlee, artist of Sarah Atlee Makes Pictures

“Perhaps, as children, the first tool we were handed to connect us to the life of the imagination was the pencil. On the white paper appeared things we never knew were in us: we made them up, we put them down. This collection of poems is the work of a wildly imaginative poet, one who encourages us to pick up the pencil, to enter that ‘world of remembering,’ to make new what is old, and, most certainly, to connect the lines and the dots.”—Anita Skeen, author of The Unauthorized Audubon

Jane Vincent Taylor is a poet with a special interest in creative collaboration. Her first book was a duet with poet, Judith Tate O'Brien, By the Grace of Ghosts . In 2007, Jane partnered with poet, Anita Skeen, in When We Say Shelter, poems inspired by their shared experience teaching at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. The Lady Victory (Turning Point 2012) was adapted for the stage in 2013 by Ann Folino White and premiered at Michigan State University Drama and Theatre Series New Plays/New Ways.

Jane has a Master of English/Creative Writing from University of Central Oklahoma, a Master of Library Science and a BA in Women's Studies from O.U. She is a Virginia Center for Creative Arts Fellow. She lives in Oklahoma City, teaches at Ghost Ranch, and writes about poetry, letters, teaching and other obsessions at Janevincenttaylor.blogspot.com.

978-1625491299, 56 pages, $17.00

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