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Spare Parts: A Novella in Verse, Poems by Anne Harding Woodworth

Anne Harding Woodworth’s Spare Parts: A Novella in Verse is a memorable, spritely story. Woodworth’s characters spring to life from the page as vividly as in any prose novel, with the intensity of good poetry.

Sample Poems by Anne Harding Woodworth

“You will fall madly in love with Anne Harding Woodworth’s Spare Parts: A Novella in Verse. The characterizations are vibrant and complex, as are the many story lines that braid, inextricably, throughout its pages. What a joy this book is! A compact treasure! Wild with the guises of love, of everything human: it’s laugh-out-loud funny, poignant, and absolutely believable. All this in verse that sings: an honest and artful novella. I can’t say it often enough: Read this book! You owe yourself the pleasure.”—Renée Ashley

“There can’t be many works of literature that bring together St. Francis and Dale Earnhardt but in this verse novella Anne Harding Woodworth has created an emotional and physical landscape capacious enough for both eminences. A tale of friendship over decades and of mountains ranging from Greece to Tennessee her poem is, at once, thoroughly composed yet truly idiosyncratic, droll yet moving.”—Baron Wormser

“What a trip Woodworth’s verse novella is, from the hills and valleys of east Tennessee to the mountains and plains of Greece! The parallels she draws between her twenty-first century characters and those in the myth of Agdistis, son/daughter of Cybele and Zeus, reveal deep truths about the mutability of gender and identity. From St. Francis’ Sacro Monte in Italy to the hero’s edifice in Tennessee, the Nascro Monte, a monument to NASCAR and dead warrior Dale Earnhardt, Sr., Woodworth’s three characters draw reconciliation and redemption. Spare Parts is a tour de force of syllabic verse, as well as a suspenseful narrative. You won’t put it down until you’ve read to the end.”—Jane Gentry

Anne Harding Woodworth is the author of two books of poetry and two chapbooks. Her essays and poetry are published widely in U.S. and Canadian journals, as well as at several sites on line.  She has an MFA in poetry from Fairleigh Dickinson University and divides her time between Western North Carolina and Washington, D.C., where she is a member of the Poetry Board at the Folger Shakespeare Library.

ISBN: 978-1934999318, 96 pages, $18.00

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