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The Artemis Sonnets, Etc., Poems by Anne Harding Woodworth

The energetic poems of Anne Harding Woodworth's The Artemis Sonnets, Etc. enact the quest characteristic of its guiding muse, Artemis, goddess of the hunt.

Sample Poems by Anne Harding Woodworth

"In this collection of breath and wind, shadow and shadow, Anne Harding Woodworth gives us the Artemis of all the woven tales. Huntress and goddess, Artemis rises with lyric intensity as Woodworth's voice rings and echoes whether in her masterful sonnet wreath where the bear is but a vehicle of soul, or in her recapturing memory, the abandoned / is always somewhere. Here the ancient world meets the new, the real, the unreal, and the tethered is given enough line to soar. Brava!" -Christina Daub

"Woven into this stunning book of poems is the quiet telling of a modern marriage which splits in two while its teller, who is American, becomes firmly wedded forever to its locale, which is Greece. Strands of the mythic coalesce with everyday modern stuff to illustrate what Eliot observed-that the past is simply that which is already present. Ancient myths are soft cellos whispering their part of the theme. The American narrator lays claim to a Greek grandmother with eyes the color of Greek shutters / and hair the white of island houses. She comes to know a Nazi-occupied, starving Athens of 1942, with aborted women calling out for the child they'd saved from life. She absorbs Greek tastes, and Greek ways of thinking about wings and flight. Linking all this to Artemis, twin sister to Apollo, won't force you back to classical texts-you'll be too absorbed in turning the pages."-Rod Jellema

"The writer Tess Gallagher once said there was too much sunlight in contemporary poetry and too little shadow-but it's not the case at all in The Artemis Sonnets, Etc. Here the ground is dappled and rich with mystery and meaning, intelligence and implication. At her best, alongside her keen ear and obvious talent, Harding Woodworth knows well how to make a poem sing and continue singing through the multiple levels of whatever terrain she traverses. '[T]here is always the interior and the exterior', she says, knowingly. 'Breath and wind', she notes, 'shadow and shadow'-the cool breeze of recognition and the deeper consequence that makes poems endure."-Renee Ashley

The Artemis Sonnets, Etc. is Anne Harding Woodworth's fourth book of poetry, following Spare Parts: A Novella in Verse(Turning Point, 2008). Woodworth divides her time between the mountains of Western North Carolina and Washington, D.C.., where she is a member of the Poetry Board at the Folger Shakespeare Library.

ISBN: 978-1936370504, 84 pages, $18.00

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